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The company always emphasizes that research development and results convert into technology industrialization to make productivity sustainable, quick and healthy development. Technical center has enlarge research investment and cultivation, and stresses technical and development from new products. Technology result authentications all achieve domestic leading level. Application for new results has greatly increased core competitiveness and economic benefits.
Stable material resource guarantee and technical cost optimization open domestic and foreign markets for devoting to deep processing for products. steroid hormone intermediates realize sustainable development to establish stable foundation for becoming stronger for us.
The company passed ISO 9002 quality system authentication in 2001 and completed ISO9001:2000 conversion edition in 2004 to increase analysis level to make the whole quality for the company further optimize. The company always stresses relationship between development and social harmony. The company invests more for environmental protection project construction and resource reuse development, etc. In order to further increase environmental consciousness and management level, the company actively devotes to environmental authentication work. ISO14001 environmental authentication has been initially assessed and come into the reexamine. The company speeds up connection with international standard management all round to make us come into modernization train.